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URGO is the leading company in France for the treatment of wounds. It provides the public with effective, innovative solutions to combat a range of daily ills: cuts, burns, sunburn, bruises, muscle tension … URGO has built its reputation by revolutionising the traditional plasters and dressings, and continues to innovate today with its Filmogel technology (liquid dressing).



URGO®, founded in 1958, has been punching the boundaries of the traditional dressing ever since its founding :

  • Ready to use dressing first produced in 1960
  • Dressing with antiseptic compress produced in 1972
  • Breathable dressing produced in 1973
  • Stretchable dressing that adapts to movement produced in 1977

and more recently, the ultra-absorbent plaster with a woundpad 3 times more absorbent than a traditional woundpad.

URGO® has also innovated with high-performance new technologies adapted to specific wound types. In particular: :

  • Created the lipidocolloid technology for treating burns.
  • Revolutionised the field of first aid with the launch of the first liquid dressing using Filmogel® technology in 2003. This Filmogel® technology has since been developed into a range of specific formulas for treating cracked skin, mouth ulcers, cold sores, insect bites and stings …

… and honoured several times

visu-filmo-2URGO has been honoured time and time again for its innovation, both by consumers and health professionals:

  • Elected the most innovative OTC Laboratory by pharmacists – Direct Médica prize – in 2009, for Urgo Damaged Nails in 2011 for Urgo Cold sore
  • voted “Product of the Year 2015” by consumers for its Filmogels range
  • and honoured by the “Oscar de l’Emballage” in 2015 for the URGO Spot pen

visu-filmo-1To innovate ceaselessly in order to better meet the needs of the general public: URGO strengthens the effectiveness of its research through systematically conducted clinical studies in order to demonstrate the effectiveness and the safety of products. A team of 58 people with complementary skills (chemists, polymerists, physicists, technicians, biologists, pharmacists and doctors) master biotechnologies in order to develop breakthrough products designed for the treatment of specific illnesses.